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Global Growth: Airbus Predicts That Brazil Will Need 1,324 Aircraft by 2032..!

Airbus estimates that Brazil is going to need more than 1,300 new civil aviation aircraft by 2032 in its effort to cover the country’s increased domestic and international air travel requirements. The estimation proves the leading of the [...]
Richard Branson

Richard Branson: Giving Up..?

Richard Branson is offering valuable advice on the moment for deciding that your business idea or effort is dead. It is for sure a real difficult moment but all of us have to be prepared for facing this difficult situation: Richard Branson [...]
Boeing 777X

Boeing 777X: HOW The Aircraft Industry Becomes A ” Global Growth Locomotive..?”

The Boeing 777X program is going to move ahead after agreements for 259 aircraft purchases in Europe and the Middle East, during the 2013 Dubai Airshow: Boeing Launches the Boeing 777X with Record-Breaking Orders and … Boeing launched [...]

A320neo: Engine Pylons Assembled..!

Airbus is moving ahead with the A320neo production program by assembling the engine pylons in its dedicated production facility in Toulouse: A320neo programme starts first major-component assembly | Airbus … Airbus has achieved assembly [...]

ΙΣΧΥΡΗ Διαπραγμάτευση => Παραγωγή Επιχειρηματικής Αξίας..!

                                            ΙΣΧΥΡΗ ΔΙΑΠΡΑΓΜΑΤΕΥΣΗ => Παραγωγή Επιχειρηματικής Αξίας! Κατηγορία: Marketing – Πωλήσεις – Διαπραγματεύσεις Εισηγητής: Χατζής [...]
Boeing 737

Boeing 737 => WHY Is The Monthly Production Going To Be Increased..?

Proving the dynamism of the Boeing 737 aircraft, the U.S. airplane producer, announced that, it is going to increase the monthly production of the Boeing 737 aircraft in 2017 aiming to achieve a smoothly transition to the production of Boeing [...]

Greece: A Message Against “Blind” Assassinations..!

GREECE. A day of mourning today after yesterday’s coward assassination of two young people and as a third one is hospitalized in critical condition. We all Greeks are against the bloody violence and we believe in Democracy. Bloody blind [...]

Deal Making: Signatures..?

We finally have a deal! It is almost the common expression on negotiation tables, usually after a considerable amount of strategic effort, effective deal-making and time. But, are signatures enough to secure the good implementation of the deal [...]
Richard Branson on Business Advice 1

Richard Branson: Advice + Strong Decision + Problem Solving => Successful Start-Ups..!

Richard Branson on giving advice for starting a new business, pays attention to effective problem-solving all over the challenging effort. As the new economy challenges as to (business) move forward, Branson’s advice is invaluable encouraging: Richard [...]
U.S. Debt Deal

U.S. Debt Deal: WHY Is It A Common Reality Of Global Politics Or..?

The U.S. debt deal, which has averted a disastrous U.S. default, is expected to be approved by the Senate and the House of Representatives. Last month’s negotiation tragedy in Washington, has proven the interrelationship between politics [...]
Airbus A380

Airbus: A Positive Prediction of Global Economic Growth => 2030!

Airbus forecasts that the global freighter fleet is to be doubled till 2030, by signaling a very positive prediction about the global trade growth trends in the global economy, against the general negative mood of today’s analyses: World [...]
Airbus, A350 XWB FA Beluga 2

Airbus: Emerging Markets + New Airplanes + Pilots => Economic Growth..!

Airbus predicts that emerging markets are going to have a leading role in future journeys by taking advantage of modern airplanes. Airbus expects an annual growth of 4.7% of air traffic in the next 20 years: Over 29,000 new aircraft required [...]
Richard Branson, Clinkle 1

Richard Branson: Innovation Lesson => Clinkle..?

Richard Branson is known for his personal passion about innovation and also for helping young entrepreneurs with creative ideas. The main point of interest here, is that innovation is offering valuable options for opening new creative paths [...]

Transformation Of Innovation => Economic Growth..?

Innovation at many different levels of science, society and economy turns to be the key factor for transforming national and regional economies. The main question is how can we interpret innovation more effectively, and then, how can we use [...]
A350 XWB Cockpit 1

A350 XWB: How Does Airbus Send A “Global Sign” Of Economic Growth..?

The cooperation between HMC and Airbus on A350 XWB proves the dynamism of the Chinese manufacturing industry by its active involvement in innovation projects. A350 XWB is the most recent proof of that development, offering a positive sign of [...]
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