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Business Innovation: Is Low Prices The “One Way Ticket” For Winning Your Competitors..?

Business Innovation

Low prices… / Business Innovation

  • It might be that low prices are the final refuge of the marketer who has run out of ideas and is left with nothing but a commodity.

The Alternative… / Business innovation

  • Or it might be that organizing your business around lowering prices through efficiency, mass scale and smart choices is a powerful way to grow.

Are Both True..? / Business Innovation

  • My guess is that both are true, but you better be really sure about which one you’re choosing.
  • Hint: doing the second one successfully is really quite difficult, so if all you’re doing is writing a lower number on the pricetags, you’re probably playing the first game. / Business Innovation /

Business Innovation: Price Also Has A Future Dimension…

  • In times of economic crisis low prices are a serious issue directly related to the available consumer purchasing power in any given market.
  • On the other hand, a decision to lower your prices must be the last solution, as you run out of your business innovation ideas.
  • Finally, every day business experience proves that “price” has a proportional relationship with your customers’ life time value. So, be innovative… / Business Innovation /




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