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Business+Care+Innovation = More Innovation Or Just Profits..?

Business: An Innovator Who Cares For A Customer Who Doesn’t Care..!

  • Seth Godin on a recent blog post has analyzed the basic difference between someone who cares
     e.g. ( a business innovator) and someone who finally doesn’t care (e.g. the mass consumer).

    Business: You Have To Care…

  • It is more than obvious that you have to care for being a successful innovator in business today aiming at covering real consumer needs.
  • Butdoes the final consumer cares about your product or service or just buy it..?

Business: The Paradox…

  • Seth Godin points out that the first products or services are from people who care to people who also care about the service or product for covering their special needs or solving certain problems.
  • Then, the mass marketing is coming into play…
  • For the businessman-innovator it means more profits, as for the consumer means a quick solution to solve one or more of his problems at the moment, but without looking deep at the product or service…
  • This current market reality creates a paradoxical relationship between the businessman and the consumer today.
  • Is it misleading for the first to just care for profits and for the second to continuously just want “products” or “services..?”


Media Spotlight

Mortgage Strategy, on Sun, 18 Nov 2012 16:18:15 -0800

The central arguement of Seth Godin’s book Tribes is that the world is made up of of leaders and those who are doomed to “sheepwalk” their way through life because they ignore the opportunities which could put them at the top of their own tribe 

Business guru Seth Godin to speak at ÍMARK marketing event in …

eNewsWire (press release), on Fri, 09 Nov 2012 07:28:25 -0800

Business guru Seth Godin is set to speak during the upcoming ÍMARK marketing event in Iceland, taking place on Thursday 29th November 2012, at Haskolabio, Reykjavík, Iceland. This will be a special event as Godin rarely give talks outside of the U.S.; 

ÍMARK marketing event in Iceland to feature special guest Seth Godin

IceNews, on Tue, 06 Nov 2012 03:22:55 -0800

Seth Godin is a leader in the field of motivational speaking and marketing guidance, with a total of thirteen bestselling books. Named one of the top 21 speakers for the 21st century by Successful Meetings magazine, Godin draws on his best-selling 

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