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Richard Branson Competition 1

Business: Competitors’ Mistakes + Your Ideas = Innovative Products + Services => Less Competition..!

Richard Branson On Business: Keeping A Close Eye On Your Competition… Q: How or what do you do to learn from your competitors? – Lloyd Morrison, Entrepreneur Magazine reader A: No matter what business you are in, you always have to [...]
Richard Branson Inspiration 3

Richard Branson On Business Start Ups: Is It The Clock Against You..?

Are There A Million Things To Do In Your Business Startup..? For an entrepreneur launching a startup, it always feels like there are a million things to do and the clock is against you. It is easy to neglect your health and your family as you [...]
Richard Branson Encouraging Employees 1

Business: Are You Afraid To Encourage Your Employees..?

Richard Branson: Keeping Employees Engaged In Your Business… Once your company is well established, keeping your employees engaged in their work can be tough, especially those who took the job because they were intrigued by the excitement [...]
Richard Branson On Building Trust 1

The Challenge Of Building Trust When You Do Not Have A Recognized Business Brand..!

Richard Branson Οn Building Trust… Q: How do I win the trust of investors, future partners and suppliers? Building Trust: Customers Must Have Faith In Your Product… A: There are few things more important in business than trust. After [...]
Richard Branson Inspiration 3

Is It Good For Businesspeople To Look To Others For Ideas..?

Businesspeople Can Be A Real Inspiration For You… When trying to make your way in the world as an emerging entrepreneur, don’t think of yourself as the next Bill Gates — or even the next Richard Branson. Be true to yourself and [...]
The New Economy 1

The New High Productivity = Decide What To Do + Doing It..!

Seth Godin: Redefining Productivity… According to the economics of the industrial age, it’s simple: Money spent creates output. If you use less labor or your system creates more output, your factory is being more efficient. Productivity [...]
Virgin Atlantic Airport 1

Doing Business Today: Richard Branson On Why You Have To Follow Your Heart..!

  (Source of Photo: Virgin Atlantic /) Richard Branson On Taking Chances And Confronting Your Doubts And Fears… Q: I don’t have enough confidence to give up my career in banking and follow my dream of starting [...]
Productive Failure 1

Doing Business Today: Are You Afraid Of Productive Failure..? The Easiest Way To Thrive As An Outlier… / Seth Godin …is to avoid being one. At least among your most treasured peers. Encouraging Productive Failure… / Seth Godin Surround yourself with people [...]
Richard Branson Brand 2

Richard Branson: How Do You Let Go For Striking The Right Balance Between Family And Work..?

  (Source of Photo: Airplane Pictures / Richard Branson /) By Richard Branson Richard Branson on Letting Go… Q: How do you let go? I truly believe in empowering the right people, listening to them, and stepping [...]
Richard Branson On People 1

Richard Branson: What Is A Company But A Collection Of People..?

Google+ By Richard Branson Richard Branson: People Power — The Engine Of Any Business… Good people are crucial to business success. Finding them, managing them, inspiring them and then holding onto them are among the most important [...]
Innovation Photos 1

Business Innovation = (Good Eating + Deep Sleeping + Scheduled Exercise) = Boosting Your Brain Into Its Most Creative And Productive Mode..!

Google+ By Baba Shiv / Stanford GSB The Rx For Innovation… It’s not just a stale platitude. If you want to be at peak performance, you have simply got to get a handle on your eating, sleeping, and dietary habits. This applies to business [...]
Spaceport America dedication

Richard Branson: Why Is Building A Network The First Step On The Road To Business Success..?

By Richard Branson Richard Branson On How To Network. Hint: Early And Often… When I started networking on behalf of Virgin Music –- meeting with agents, persuading musicians to sign with us, finding distributors -– it often involved [...]
F-35 UK Production 1

How Is The UK Industry Going To Benefit From The F-35 Production Program Over The Next 25 Years..?

The UK Receives The First International Delivery Of F-35… The UK is the first international partner to have taken delivery of the F-35 Lightning II, and the RAF and Royal Navy will now commence flight trials of the aircraft. Speaking after [...]
Virgin Atlantic Risk

Business Innovation In Practice: Why Is It Useful To Take The Risk By Always Having A Way Out..? / Richard Branson

(Source of Photos: / Virgin Atlantic / Risk /) By Richard Branson The Art of Calculated Risk… To many people, the number and variety of businesses that the Virgin Group operates is unusual: We’re involved in everything [...]
Leadership Responsibility

Business Innovation In Practice: Are You Feeling Guilty..? You May Have An Unexpected Sign Of Leadership Potential..!

The Tendency To Feel Guilty… / Business Innovation When we think of a typical leader, most of us picture a person who’s sociable and upbeat. But new research puts a wrinkle in that stereotype, revealing an unexpected sign of leadership [...]
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