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Space Debris ESA 1

Space Debris: A “Red Alert” For Pilot Cleaning Missions..!

Space debris is a live danger for space missions and it is going to be a critical threat for them in the near future according to the 6th European Conference on Space Debris: Global experts agree action needed on space debris There is an urgent [...]
Speedy Black Hole 1

A New Black Hole Dragging Space Nebula Like Water Swirling Into A Shower Drain..!

A new black hole discovered by ESA and NASA can offer fresh information for solving the mystery of how galaxies grow: Speedy black hole holds galaxy’s history A rapidly rotating super massive black hole has been found in the heart of a spiral [...]
Space and Car Performance 1

How Can Space Expertise Improve Car Performance..?

Shock Absorption In Space… Serious shocks need serious shock absorption, in space as well as on the ground. Now high-performance racing cars are driving more smoothly on space-ready rubber from ESA spacecraft. Toulon-based French company [...]
Tracking Satellites Station,Malargüe 2

The Third European Deep-Space Station For Tracking Satellites Will Be Inaugurated On Dec. 18 2012..!

Tracking Satellites In Malargue… A new satellite tracking station at Malargüe, Argentina, will be formally inaugurated on Tuesday, completing the trio of deep-space stations and confirming ESA as one of the world’s most technologically [...]
European Space investment 1

European Space Sector: Investing In Fields With An Immediate Impact On The Economy..!

Allocating €10 Billion For Space Programs… ESA has just concluded a successful two-day Council meeting at ministerial level in Naples, Italy. Ministers from ESA’s 20 member states and Canada allocated €10 billion for ESA’s  activities [...]
Earth's Gravity 1

Measuring And Mapping The Strength Of Gravity On Earth…

The Gravity Map Of Earth… ESA’s GOCE gravity satellite has already delivered the most accurate gravity map of our planet, but its orbit is now being lowered in order to obtain even better results. The Gravity field and steady-state Ocean [...]
European Space Sector The Future 1

Deciding Europe’s Future In The Space Sector..!

Europe’s Space Sector: Ministerial Gathering… Next week, the future course of Europe’s space sector will be set as ministers of the European Space Agency’s 20 Member States come together in Italy. Find out why the issues on the table [...]

EGNOS Satnav System: Aircraft + Marine Traffic Guidance…

EGNOS Satnav System… EGNOS: A research vessel surveying European waters is also charting the maritime performance of Europe’s satnav system. Results gathered by Belgium’s RV Belgica are investigating how the navsat, initially prioritized for [...]
Galileo Valley 1

Do You Know About The “Galileo Valley..?” Europe’s Two Satellite Navigation Systems: EGNOS + Galileo..!

A Helicopter Flight Over A Special Alpine Valley: The “Galileo Valley…” A helicopter recently flew over a very special Alpine valley to gather data on how Europe’s two satellite navigation systems – EGNOS and Galileo – will work [...]
Space Debris Radar 1

How Can A New Orbital Debris Radar Help Boosting Safety For European Satellite Operators..?

ESA Deploys First Orbital Debris Test Radar In Spain… A new radar designed to test methods for finding orbital debris that can be hazardous to space navigation has been installed inSpain. The radar will be used to develop future debris warning [...]
Four Galileo Satellites in Orbit

Galileo Satellites: What Is Coming Next..?

(European Navigation In-Orbit Validation satellites in medium-Earth orbit, the minimum number needed to perform a navigation fix.  Credits: ESA – P. Carril /) Deployment Of Europe’s Galileo Constellation [...]
ESA 2 CryoSat

Climate Change: How Can We Measure The Volume Of Sea Ice Of The Arctic Ocean..? ESA Satellites Looking Deeper Into Sea Ice… This year, satellites saw the extent of Arctic oceanic ice hit a record low since measurements began in the 1970s. ESA’s SMOS and CryoSat satellites are now taking a deeper [...]
Radar Altimetry 1

How Can Radar Altimetry Effectively Help Us To Develop Our Understanding Of Earth Surface Variations..?

Google+ Radar Altimetry Gains Altitude In Venice… Scientists have gathered in the ‘floating city’ this week to talk about radar altimetry – measuring the heights of the global sea surface, freshwater bodies, land and ice using [...]
Sea Level Changes 1

Satellite Research Readings: The Global Sea Level Rises About 3mm Every Year…

Google+ (Regional map of mean sea level trends from October 1992 to March 2010 as measured by radar altimeters. Some regions experience a rise of up to 10 mm per year (dark red), while others see a decrease of about 10 mm per year (dark blue). [...]
Space Radar 1

Space Radar: How Can We Test Future Debris Monitoring Debris..?

(The SSA programme is enabling Europe to detect hazards to critical space infrastructure. This artist’s impression shows a possible design for the future radar system, which will scan low Earth orbits to detect hazardous debris objects [...]
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