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Transformation Of Innovation => Economic Growth..?

Innovation at many different levels of science, society and economy turns to be the key factor for transforming national and regional economies. The main question is how can we interpret innovation more effectively, and then, how can we use [...]
Steelmaking 1

When Steelmaking + Old Energy Production = Applied Innovation..!

By following a new innovative process  in steelmaking, we can produce steel of higher purity at low cost with fewer CO2 emissions: One order of steel; hold the greenhouse gases – MIT News Anyone who has seen pictures of the giant, red-hot [...]
Robots Humans Cars 1

Robots + Humans + Negotiation = Achievement Of Goals..?

Can robots negotiate with people? In the near future robots will be able to negotiate with humans by offering different alternatives for achieving human goals: New research could let vehicles, robots collaborate with humans – MIT News You [...]
Exoplanets 1a

Exoplanets: Discovering New Space Life, As Curiosity Takes “Spring Break” On Mars…

The discovery of new exoplanets takes a new dimension, as NASA selects MIT’s TESS project for a planned launch in five years from now: NASA selects MIT-led TESS project for Exoplanets 2017 mission – MIT News Following a three-year [...]
Robots MIT 1

Robots: Ready To Butler Or To Cook For You..?

Discovering the limitations of robots and robotics in performing daily human tasks, is a fascinating scientific challenge at MIT: Knowing the unknown: Researchers work to build robots’ awareness … Robot butlers that tidy your house [...]
Cloud Computing 1

Cloud Computing: DBSeer Algorithms To Make Services Better..!

Cloud computing is the future not only for storing multiple information data, but also for setting better pricing for computer  services offered. MIT scientists are working on this project: Making cloud computing more efficient For many companies, [...]
Technology MIT 1

Technology: How Can Rapidly Progress Predictions Help Different Industries..?

Predicting the rapidly progress of latest technology devices or innovations is a challenging scientific task but  MIT is developing a new research method by comparing different approaches in a quantitative way: How to predict the progress [...]
EdX 1

EdX Goes International: The Challenge Of Massive Open Online Courses…

EdX expands globally offering a new innovative dimension on online learning by providing qualified courses anytime, everywhere in the world: Six new institutions join edX – MIT News EdX, the not-for-profit online learning enterprise founded [...]
Biofuel Production 1

Engineering Plants For “Friendly” Biofuel Production..!

Sophisticated biofuel production can offer effective alternatives to gazoline. This is a real challenging scientific goal for chemical engineers and biologists at MIT: News – 2013 – Engineering cells for more efficient biofuel production In [...]
Robotic Transformers 1

Milli-Motein Robotics: When Robots Can Become Almost Anything…

David L. Chandler, MIT News Office Robotics: The Robotic Equivalent Of A Swiss Army Knife… The device doesn’t look like much: a caterpillar-sized assembly of metal rings and strips resembling something you might find buried in a home-workshop [...]
Nanotechnology Against Bullets 1

Lightweight Nanostructured Materials Can Protect You From A Bullet..!

David L. Chandler, MIT News Office Stronger Than A Speeding Bullet… Providing protection against impacts from bullets and other high-speed projectiles is more than just a matter of brute strength. While traditional shields have been made [...]
Lithium Air Battery 1

Discover The Lithium Air Batteries: Energy Storage x 4..!

(Source of Image: A solid-state lithium-air battery (highlighted in orange) is positioned inside a test chamber at the Advanced Light Source (ALS) at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, in preparation for its testing using X-ray photoelectron [...]
Aeronautics 2

Aeronautics At MIT Today: What Does It Take For A Vehicle To Fly..?

(Source of Image: MIT / Dept. of Aeronautics /) Jennifer Chu, MIT News Office Department Snapshot: Aeronautics and Astronautics… For decades, many students came to MIT’s Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics [...]
MIT Black Holes 1

Astronomy: Do You Know "The Point Of No Return..?"

(This image, created using computer models, shows how the extreme gravity of the black hole in M87 distorts the appearance of the jet near the event horizon. Part of the radiation from the jet is bent by gravity into a ring that is known as [...]
nanoparticles against cancer 1

How Can Nanoparticles That Target A Protein Known As ID4 Shrink Ovarian Tumors..?

Anne Trafton, News Office New Nanoparticles Shrink Tumors In Mice… / Cancer By sequencing cancer-cell genomes, scientists have discovered vast numbers of genes that are mutated, deleted or copied in cancer cells. This treasure trove is [...]
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