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Curiosity First Weekend On Mars 1

How Does Curiosity Help NASA To Assess Future Health Hazards For Astronauts..?

Curiosity is sending valuable information to NASA aiming at better assessing the health hazards for astronauts, who will participate in a human mission to Mars in the future: Measurements taken by NASA’s Mars Science Laboratory mission [...]
Kepler Telescope Mission Continues 1

Why The Kepler Spacecraft May End Its Mission..?

The Kepler Spacecraft operates into a “safe mode” according to NASA, as engineers are trying to resume control of the Earth-size planet-hunting tool: Planet-hunting Kepler spacecraft in trouble – CNN Controllers found Tuesday [...]
ommercial Space Antares Rocket 1

The Commercial Space = Antares Rocket + SpaceX Dragon Capsule..!

The Commercial Space is becoming real today with the scheduled launch of the first Antares rocket: Orbital Sciences Corporation Antares Rocket NASA’s commercial partner, Orbital Sciences Corporation of Dulles, Va., is scheduled to launch [...]
Dragon Eye 1

A “Dragon Eye” Flies Over A Volcano..!

“Dragon Eye“ UAVs are also important for scientific purposes, as NASA Earth scientists use them for an  aerial exploration of Turrialba volcano’s sulfur dioxide plume: NASA pilots Dragon Eye UAV into volcanic plume – [...]
SpaceX Dragon 1

SpaceX: A “Helpful Dragon” Is To Connect With ISS Today..!

The SpaceX cargo is cleared for its scheduled “meeting” with the International Space Station (ISS) today, after the problem in its propulsion system is fixed: SpaceX cargo ship cleared for station capture – CBS News The ISS [...]
Curiosity Drills on Mars 1

Curiosity Rover Drills The First Ever Robotic Hole On Mars..!

Curiosity Mars Rover on its six month celebration day on Mars (last Friday) drilled a hole in the Martian surface. It is the first time in the human space history that a robot rover drills a hole on the surface of Mars: Curiosity Drills A Hole [...]
NASA Commercial Crue Program 3

Which Is The Next Step For Launching American Astronauts From U.S. Soil Into Space..?

Space: Launching American Astronauts From U.S. Soil… NASA announced Dec. 10 the next step in its plan to launch American astronauts from U.S. soil, selecting three companies to conduct activities under contracts that will enable future certification [...]
Mars Curiosity 1

A Step Closer Toward Sending Humans On Mars In The 2030..!

A Multi-Year Mars Program… Building on the success of Curiosity’s Red Planet landing, NASA has announced plans for a robust multi-year Mars program, including a new robotic science rover set to launch in 2020. This announcement affirms [...]
The Most Distant Galaxy Seen In The Universe 1

The Most Distant Galaxy Seen In The Universe..?

The Most Distant Galaxy Observed… By combining the power of NASA’s Hubble and Spitzer space telescopes and one of nature’s own natural “zoom lenses” in space, astronomers have set a new record for finding the most [...]
Martian Mineralogy 1

Curiosity Rover: Hawaiian Basaltic Soils On Mars..?

Curiosity Has Completed Initial Soil Experiments… NASA’s Mars rover Curiosity has completed initial experiments showing the mineralogy of Martian soil is similar to weathered basaltic soils of volcanic origin inHawaii. The minerals [...]
Jake Mars 1

When…Curiosity Met “Jake” On Mars!

(This image shows where NASA’s Mars rover aimed two different instruments to study a rock known as “Jake Matijevic.”Image credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech/MSSS /) Mars Rock Touched Βy NASA Curiosity Ηas [...]
Water in Mars 1

Water In Mars..?

(In this image from NASA’s Curiosity rover, a rock outcrop called Link pops out from a Martian surface that is elsewhere blanketed by reddish-brown dust. Image credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech/MSSS /) Evidence Of A Stream… / Curiosity NASA’s [...]
Dry Ice 2

“Dry Ice” Reveals That The Red Planet Is Different From Earth..!

(Observations by NASA’s Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter have detected carbon-dioxide snow clouds on Mars and evidence of carbon-dioxide snow falling to the surface. Image credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech /) NASA Orbiter Observations Point to ‘Dry [...]
Curiosity Robotic Arm 1

How Is Curiosity Rover Preparing For Full Use Of The 10 Science Tools On Its Arm..?

(The left eye of the Mast Camera (Mastcam) on NASA’s Mars rover Curiosity took this image of the camera on the rover’s arm, the Mars Hand Lens Imager (MAHLI), during the 30th Martian day, or sol, of the rover’s mission on [...]
identical Radiation Belt Storm Probes 1

RBSP Mission: Flying In Separate Orbits Throughout The Inner And Outer Van Allen Radiation Belts That Encircle The Earth..!

Twin Probes Are Healthy As Mission Begins… / Sun NASA’s Radiation Belt Storm Probes are flying in Earth orbit after a successful liftoff and ascent this morning. The probes launched aboard a United Launch Alliance Atlas V rocket at [...]
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