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Negotiation, Negotiations,

Are you Sincere or Play Tricks During Negotiations..?

Difficult Times. Numbers seem to count more! Look at the Eurozone…. You have to negotiate. People are desperate by the numbers. They have no vision or a hope for their future… They usually tend to be tricky for securing their interests. Can [...]

Deal Making: Signatures..?

We finally have a deal! It is almost the common expression on negotiation tables, usually after a considerable amount of strategic effort, effective deal-making and time. But, are signatures enough to secure the good implementation of the deal [...]
Iran Nuclear Negotiations 1

Nuclear Negotiations: Building Confidence With Iran…

Another round of nuclear negotiations with Iran has started today, although few people believe the talks are going to bring any major breakthroughs. On the other hand, it is important that the present negotiation effort, is described as a move [...]
G20 Moscow Summit 1

G20 Moscow Summit: The Dilemma Of Financial Diplomacy Or Decisive Action..?

Issues related to global corporate tax avoidance top the discussion agenda at G20 Moscow Summit, with UK, France and Germany to develop a common position on new tax rules aiming to force corporations to pay their taxes: UK, France and Germany [...]
Free Trade Starbuck 1

A “Game Changer…” The EU-US Free Trade Agreement..!

The EU and The US are to negotiate a free trade agreement in June setting the stage for the most ambitious international trade deal since the World Trade Organization founding in 1995. From one part the EU is fighting with euro crisis and from [...]
Negotiating in China, Dragon 1

Negotiating In China: Learn How To Cultivate Guanxi..!

Negotiating in China is a great interpersonal and business challenge for all the foreigners who want to develop pragmatic relations with the Chinese people. Relative literature and practical negotiation experience prove that cultivating trust [...]
Draft Agreement 2

Making Drafts “Powerful Tools” In Negotiations And Business Deals..!

  Negotiations: The Draft Agreement… How can you gain an edge when you’re in the seemingly weak position of negotiating a favor from a government or powerful bureaucracy? Present the other side with a draft agreement that authorizes [...]
US-Iran War Tensions 1

Negotiation: A U.S. – Iran War Game Exercise Of Bilateral Escalating Conflict…

  Negotiation: Escalating Position Commitment..? When tensions rise between parties, the temptation to escalate commitment to a specified position can be overwhelming—and the likelihood that negotiations will resolve the dispute becomes [...]
Business Teams Or The Individual 2

Negotiations: The Business, The Team Or The Individual..?

  Negotiations: Paying Attention To Various Individuals… The old saying goes, “there is no ‘I’ in team,” but recent research by Program on Negotiation faculty member and Harvard Business School Associate Professor Francesca Gino [...]
Mediators In Negotiations 1

How Can A Mediator Help Your Team Prepare For Complex Negotiations..?

  Mediators In Negotiations… You’ve seen how mediators can help one organizational team prepare for a complex negotiation. But what about when litigation looms? When faced with a trial, a corporation sometimes engages one law firm [...]
Penguin Books Case 1

Negotiations Or Litigation: The Penguin Case…

  Negotiations: Keeping Disputes With Key Partners Private… In this business world, it’s typically smart practice to keep disputes with key partners private, at least until doing so becomes unfeasible for financial or other reasons. [adburn [...]
Negotiation Roger Fisher 1

Roger Fisher, A True Negotiation Pioneer And Leader Died At 90.

  The Program Οn Negotiation Mourns Τhe Loss Of Co-Founder Roger Fisher… Negotiation Roger Fisher, co-founder of the Program on Negotiation and the Harvard Negotiation Project, died on August 25 at age90. A true pioneer and leader, [...]
Negotiation Coaching 1

Why Is Continuous Coaching Important For Building Solid Negotiation Experiences..?

  Negotiating for Continuous Improvement: Offer Ongoing Negotiation Coaching… How can organizations capitalize on negotiation experience? Through reflective practice: the process of considering the results of each negotiation in light [...]
Negotiation Innovation

Negotiation In Theory And Business Practice / Apple vs. Samsung: Why Is It Always Good To Mediate Early..?

  Negotiation: Apple Filed A Lawsuit Against Samsung… For two days in late May, Apple CEO Tim Cook and Samsung CEO Gee-Sung Choi met with a judge in the U.S. District Court of Northern California in an attempt to reach a settlement [...]
Angry Businessman

Negotiation In Theory And Practice: Do You Recognize Your “Nemesis..?” (The Dark Side Of Your Own Nature)

    Negotiation: Your Own Worst Enemy… Why do some people get under our skin? Something they do or say pushes our hot buttons. Annoyance doesn’t foster productive negotiation, or course, but it’s not our fault that they’re [...]
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