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F-35 Targeting System

How Is The F-35 Program Moving Ahead..?

As the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter Program (JSF) moves on, Lockheed Martin delivered the 100th Electro-Optical Targeting System (EOTS) which dramatically enhances the targeting capabilities of the 5th generation fighter: LOCKHEED MARTIN CORPORATION [...]
Boeing 777 Asiana 1

Boeing 777: The “Triple-7″ Has Recorded The First Fatalities Since 1995…

The Boeing 777 aircraft recorded its first fatalities since 1995 as an Asiana Airlines plane with 307 people crashed during landing at the San Francisco International Airport: Boeing 777 plane crash-lands at San Francisco airport A Boeing 777 [...]
Suez Canal 1

Crisis In Egypt: The Suez Canal Factor + Global Economy…

Egypt is in serious crisis as the military is stepping in the religious and social tension. The big issue remains on selecting two options: An Islamic or a secular Egypt and we also have the Suez Canal Factor: Egypt awaits army statement after [...]
Edward Snowden 1

Edward Snowden Case: And Now It Is, The EU-U.S. Spy Factor…

 Fugitive ex-CIA analyst Edward Snowden leaked a secret paper, which threatens to have a “severe impact” to the EU-U.S.  relations according to Martin Schulz, in a period that both sides of the Atlantic have to cooperate creatively [...]
Nelson Mandela 1

Nelson Mandela: The Practical Example Of An Iconic Leader…

South Africa’s first black president and anti-apartheid icon Nelson Mandela has died at the age of 95. Last June: Nelson Mandela is hospitalized critically ill, according to the South African presidency. This is really sad news for the [...]
A350 XWB_maiden-flight 1

Airbus A350 XWB: A Flight Test Campaign Of 2,500 Hours..!

The first Airbus A350 XWB had its maiden flight yesterday by opening a new challenging chapter in the global aviation history. The European aircraft manufacturer with the  A350 XWB aircraft, also gives a new practical dimension to international [...]
Edward Snowden 1

CIA’s New Cyber-Spying Drama: Is Edward Snowden A Hero..?

A new cyber-spying drama for the CIA? Edward Snowden‘s visit to Hong Kong gives a new dimension to the U.S.-China official allegations about illegal cyber-spying activities. The most worrying fact for Washington is the sense that now Chinese [...]
Apache Longbow 1

How Does Saudi Arabia Advance Its AH-64 Apache Helicopter Radar Systems..?

Saudi Arabia is to enhance its AH-64 Apache Helicopters with Longbow FCRs and to become one of the largest international users for the Longbow systems: LONGBOW LLC Receives $90 Million Contract For Saudi Arabia Apache Helicopter Radar … [...]
F-4E AUP Phantom II -1

F-4E AUP Phantom II, Hellenic Air Force (HAF)

  Low – Low Altitude Terrain-Masking Flight…  
Obama - Xi 1

U.S. – China: Why Is There A Need For Constructive Relations..?

Barack Obama and Xi Jinping had their first official summit in a positive diplomatic atmosphere, according to diplomatic sources, and as international community needs a U.S. – China structural approach during that period of time: Obama [...]
Quantum Computer 1

Quantum Computers: The Challenge..!

Quantum computers seem to be the next stage in the challenging task of computer transformation based on quantum mechanics: Why Google and the Pentagon want ‘quantum computers’ The search giant and the US space agency are the latest [...]
WTO Roberto Azevero 1

WTO Shifts Its Attention To Developing Countries By Selecting Roberto Azevero…

The World Trade Organization  (WTO) is to officially announce today, the selection of Brazilian trade diplomat Roberto Azevero, as its next head: WTO names Roberto Azevedo as new head – BBC News A Brazilian trade diplomat has been named [...]
Virgin Galactic 1 SS2

Virgin Galactic Has Entered The Final Stage Of Space Vehicle Testing..!

Virgin Galactic has entered the final stage of space vehicle testing, prior to commercial service, after the Spaceship Two has its successful flight test: Virgin Galactic’s SpaceShipTwo takes one giant leap towards space tourism – [...]
Enrico Letta 1

Italy’s Letta Wants Economic Growth, As Merkel Insists On Strict Austerity…

As Italy’s new prime minister Enrico Letta seems to support the immediate implementation of economic growth policies in the euro zone, Chancellor Merkel in Berlin insists that economic growth and fiscal consolidation can go together. [...]
Bee Protection 1

Why Is Bee Protection A Key Issue For The EU Agriculture..?

The protection of the bee population in Europe against the use of bee-killing pesticides is turning to be a key issue for protecting different ecosystems in many EU areas: EU to ban bee-killing pesticides – euronews Europe’s bees are [...]
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