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Neural Activity 1

How Can Neural Activity In Specific Mathematical Ways Help Us Learn More About Autism, Schizophrenia And Bipolar Disorder..?

Anne Trafton, MIT News Office Simple Mathematical Computations Underlie Brain Circuits… / Neuroscience The brain has billions of neurons, arranged in complex circuits that allow us to perceive the world, control our movements and make decisions. [...]
SolidOxideFuelCells 2

How Can Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Generator Sets Help Military Reduce Overall Fuel Usage..? Case Study: U.S. Marines

Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Generator Sets… Lockheed Martin secured a contract with the Office of the U.S. Naval Research for the design and development of solid oxide fuel cell generator sets as an alternative to traditional battlefield power [...]
Theoretical Computer Science 1

Theoretical Computer Science: Is The Questioner In An Interactive Proof Able To Query Multiple Omniscient Respondents..?

(Thomas Vidick) Larry Hardesty, MIT News Office 10-Year-Old Problem In Theoretical Computer Science Falls… / Computer Science Interactive proofs, which MIT researchers helped pioneer, have emerged as one of the major research topics in theoretical [...]
Wave Energy 3

Discover One Of The Largest Wave-Energy Projects Announced To Date..!

A 19 Megawatt Wave-Energy Project… Ocean Power Technologies, Inc., a leading wave energy technology company, and Lockheed Martin have entered into a teaming agreement with the goal of developing a 19 megawatt wave-energy project in Victoria, [...]
Alzheimer's Memory Loss 1

How Can A Nutrient Cocktail Improve Memory In Patients With Early Alzheimer’s..?

Anne Trafton, MIT News Office Nutrient Mixture Improves Memory In Patients With Early Alzheimer’s…/Science / A clinical trial of an Alzheimer’s disease treatment developed at MIT has found that the nutrient cocktail can improve memory [...]
Human Sugar

Innovation And Science In Practice: How Does Human Sugar (Glucose) Can Make Brain Implants Highly Efficient..?

By Anne Trafton, MIT News Office New Energy s Source For Future Medical Implants: Sugar MIT engineers have developed a fuel cell that runs on the same sugar that powers human cells: glucose. This glucose fuel cell could be used to drive highly [...]

Innovation And Science In Practice / Energy: How Can We Design A Better Biofuel By Taking Advantage Of Bacteria As Micro Biofuel Factories..?

By Deborah Halber / /) What’s So Great About Ethanol..? / Biofuel  Chemical engineer Kristala Jones Prather thinks she can design a better biofuel — one that’s closer to the octane of gasoline and doesn’t absorb [...]
Technology  Marin Soljacic

Innovation And Science In Practice: How Can We Transmit Power Wiressly..?

Anne Trafton, MIT News Office Technology: A Physicist And An Inventor… As a boy growing up in Croatia, Marin Soljacic wanted to be an inventor. But he wasn’t interested only in designing new products; he wanted to discover physical phenomena [...]
Robots, Brain Cells

Innovation And Science In Practice: How Do Robots Reveal The Inner Workings Of Brain Cells..?

Robots That Reveal The Inner Workings Of Brain Cells… Gaining access to the inner workings of a neuron in the living brain offers a wealth of useful information: its patterns of electrical activity, its shape, even a profile of which genes [...]
Solar Energy Production 2

Innovation And Science In Practice: How Can We Make Intermittent Sources Of Power — Such As Sun, Wind And Tides — A Reliable Part Of The World’s Energy Supply..?

David L. Chandler, MIT News Office Energy: Taking An Innovative Approach ToBatteryDesign… You have to give Donald Sadoway points for style: Not many professors come to the last class of a semester dressed in black tie, decorate the table [...]
Human Brain

Innovation And Science In Practice: How Can We Monitor Pressure Inside The Human Brain..? Can We Forgo Surgeries..?

By Anne Trafton, MIT News Office Sensing When The Brain Is Under Pressure… Brain tumors and head trauma, including concussions, can elevate pressure inside the skull, potentially crushing brain tissue or cutting off the brain’s blood supply. [...]

Special Report: How The Releases Of Greenhouse Gases Currently Exacerbate The Effects Of Climate Change..?

Climate Change Climate Change: Signs Of Thawing Permafrost Revealed From Space… Satellites are seeing changes in land surfaces in high detail at northern latitudes, indicating thawing permafrost. This releases greenhouse gases into parts [...]
Recycling BackImage

Innovation And Science In Practice / Preventing Contamination In Recycling: New Study Examines Ways To Prevent Accumulation Of Impurities In Recycling Aluminum…

By David L. Chandler, MIT News Office It Takes Anywhere From Nine To 18 Times As Much Energy… / Recycling Aluminum has long been the poster child of recycling. About half of all aluminum used in the United States is now recycled, and this [...]
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