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Richard Branson On Creative Thinking And Doing Business..!

Creative thinking involves you and the people around you when you are trying to build your business. Richard Branson gives importance on the ideas and discussions of innovative thinkers:

Richard Branson on the Importance of Creative Thinking | My Website

Every successful entrepreneur’s story is different, because when you build a company from the ground up, its culture and purpose usually reflects your personality and principles. That may be why the Virgin Group is so diverse, with so many businesses in so many different industries: I’ve always been a lifelong learner, interested in discovering how things work, and the people I work with tend to be similar. I’m extremely fortunate in that I am able to occasionally host gatherings on Necker Island, bringing in innovative thinkers to help us expand our horizons. The discussions are wide-ranging, covering a variety of topics — most people would be surprised at just how broad the parameters are. Just recently, with our not-for-profit foundation, Virgin Unite, we hosted a group of scientists from the University of Oxford. Led by Ian Goldin, who heads the Oxford Martin School, the researchers shared their thoughts on ways to manage the increasing human population and the resulting impact on the planet’s resources, despite the current lack of political leadership on both issues.

Richard Branson Creative Thinking 1

Additionally, you can invite guest speakers to your office for discussing broader topics than your business field by living your comfort zone behind:

A lesson in creativity – Trinidad Guardian

If you are trying to grow a diverse, creative team, you don’t need to bring your employees to the Caribbean to keep them learning. Invite guest speakers to your office. Go to events focusing on topics that are not strictly related to your industry and bring some of your employees along. Watch a few of the many incredible TED talks online. Remember, one of the best ways to learn is by taking your team members out of their comfort zone and embracing new ideas — and you’ll see results. Focusing on a topic out of the norm can bring renewed vigor to everyday activities. One of the results of this and other discussions on the topic of sustainability is that we are looking at ways to better account for the impacts our activities are having on the natural resources on which we rely. We’ve decided that we want our company to be around for a long time — 100, 200, 500 years or more. That will only be possible if we build on the insight that doing good for our environment is good for business. Our approach to growth won’t work for everyone. As I’ve written before, if you want to be an entrepreneur, you should always build on your strengths and pursue ideas that interest you. While my talents and traits are certainly helping me with my work at Virgin, your own talents, goals and aspirations are likely quite different — and will play a key part in your success too.

How Richard Branson transformed a situation of madness to a creative opportunity of doing business?:

Richard Branson: Creative thinking, challenging the status quo …

Branson arrived to airport in Puerto Rico. Suddenly, which is not uncommon at Caribbean, his flight to Virgin Islands was cancelled. It was the only flight that day. And no, he did not have his own airline at the time.  What would have been the reaction of most of us? I would bet that most of us would have started blaming the airline for ruining their day and business, as well as demanding the money back, paying for hotel and lots of other “perceived” costs. And of course, being angry to the person at the check in counter, who actually is powerless and has nothing to do with the cancellation. What did Branson do? He accepted the situation. He accepted the world as it is even though it did not meet his expectations how the world should have been that day. (By the way, most of the time the world is not as we would like it to be.) He walked to the charter counter and made an enquiry about chartering a plane from Puerto Rico to Virgin Islands. Then he went back to the gate carrying a black board with text “Seats available from Puerto Rico to Virgin Islands at $39,-”. In no time he sold enough tickets to cover his costs for the charter plane. He arrived at the Virgin Islands in time and it did not cost him anything at all. What is the learning here? Could you use this kind of behavior model in your daily (business) life? I bet you could, but only if you were brave enough to take responsibility and think creatively – instead of blaming the circumstances and victimizing yourself.

More importantly, with creative thinking everything is possible not only in business but also in art:

Creative thinking in Art – Warren Tribune Chronicle

For Alisha Boykin, one of the nicest challenges about art is realizing that anything is possible. ”You learn to look at everything, just simple things around the house, and how they can be used in an art project,” said the 16-year-old Canfield High School junior. “It’s amazing what you can come up with if you think about it. There’s really no limit to it, or how creative you can be.”

Finally, creative thinking is the best way for building a business today..!

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