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Doing Business Today: Industrialists # Capitalists..? Or Innovation!

Industrialists: Change… Are You Afraid Of..?

  • The structure of the (meta) globalized economy today requires the capitalist and the industrialist in a production chain to work properly and make profits.
  • The industrialist wants the capitalist as a very basic resource of money, and the capitalist needs the industrialist as a “tested” opportunity to make profit.
  • Seth Godin points out that only the capitalist is taking the risk as the single-minded capitalist hates change as a source of possible instability.
Industrialist 8

Industrialists Or The Capitalists: Killing The Real Market…

  • The analysis of current economic trends at a global level proves that the traditional industrial economy is dying… as the traditional single-mindedindustrialist continues to see his best employee as a “robot”.
  • The capitalist continues to see the industrial system just as an efficient source of profit feeling the “danger” of possible changes.
  • Given the tragic fiscal situation in the Eurozone, the profit chain has now been advanced by the capitalist from the industrial production chain to the government, by imposing strict austerity policies to the European South.
  • But, this tactic is suicidal for the real market. It kills purchasing power and minimizes the production of goods.
  • The Solution…

Capitalists + Industrialists: Creativity + Money = Innovation…

  • This is the new equation of economic growth as the old economy meets the new one with the vital promise to offer new roles to capitalists and industrialists.
  • The equation can make the industrialist offer hope for the future as the capitalist can earn “profit” by making real the dreams of employee.
FoxNews: Sell, Sell, Sell... Global Economic Crisis 1

Factory surveys show China reviving, global rebound fragile

The Star Online, on Sun, 02 Dec 2012 21:44:29 -0800

BEIJING: China’s economy picked up in November but a broader global recovery remains fragile and patchy, a clutch of factory surveys suggested on Monday, with activity elsewhere in Asia remaining subdued amid depressed demand from the developed 

Australian national income falls as global downturn deepens

World Socialist Web Site, on Fri, 07 Dec 2012 21:06:57 -0800

It was the first reversal since early 2009, in the opening stages of the global economic breakdown, and only the second decline since country’s last recession, in 1991. For all the Labor government‘s claims that the Australian economy is uniquely 

Gulf Coast SURVIVORS.  Global Economic Crisis 2

Finance professionals most positive on UAE economy

Khaleej Times, on Fri, 07 Dec 2012 20:18:03 -0800

The worldwide survey of 2,500 finance professionals indicated that confidence in global economy fell in the third quarter of 2012. Respondents in the UAE cite growth in the tourism sector and an expanding pipeline of government and public-private 

Crisis-hit developed countries dent growth in wages: ILO

Oman Tribune, on Fri, 07 Dec 2012 19:02:57 -0800

GENEVA A sluggish global economy hit world wage growth hard last year, taking an especially harsh toll on workers in developed countries, who saw their salaries shrink, the International Labour Organisation said Friday. “The global crisis has had 

NYTimes: Bailout Fails, Stocks Plunge... Global Economic Crisis 3

German Central Bank Cuts Economic Growth Forecast

New York Times, on Fri, 07 Dec 2012 02:24:29 -0800

“Strong trading ties with non-euro zone countries had shielded the economy against the euro crisis. Now, with the global economic cooling in the second half of the year, this immunity is quickly fading away. The thinning out of order books throughout 

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