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Why Is Entrepreneurial Determination Important..?

 Entrepreneurial determination is the force which can drive your efforts to move forward in doing innovative business:

Do You Have Entrepreneurial Determination..? | Interesting News …

Richard Branson in a recent post has given valuable advice on entrepreneurial determination, and especially in its importance for moving forward. Self-motivation and determination are important for moving forward and overcoming difficulties. Richard Branson learned from his mother to dive into situations even if he wasn’t completely sure about his own abilities, and then solve the problems that came up as he went along. When he was almost 12, she once sent him alone on a long bike-riding expedition to another town, knowing that h would be fine, but also that he’d have to find water and ask for directions along the way.

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It is important to be mentioned that self-motivation is crucial for enhancing your entrepreneurial determination:

Richard Branson on Entrepreneurial Determination | Entrepreneur

Q: Is self-motivation an innate quality or is it something that can be learned and improved upon?
If you aren’t good at motivating yourself, you probably won’t get very far in business – especially as an entrepreneur. When you’re starting up a company and for the first couple of years afterward, there are a lot of long nights and stressful days, and the workload is heavy. You have to be able to give the job everything you’ve got every day, or it will easily get the better of you. The ability to tap into your determination and grit is not just an innate skill. You can teach yourself to get up every day and try to keep a new business going despite long odds, partly by structuring your life and job to make sure you are working toward your larger goals. I learned a lot about this from my mother, who is a very energetic and strong-willed individual. As I wrote recently, I’m thankful for the life lessons she taught me, without which I would probably not be where I am today. I always wanted to go out there and prove myself, but I was very shy when I was young, and it was clear that I would have to master this if I was going to succeed. My timidity could have easily held me back if she hadn’t helped me come out of my shell. She feels that shyness is very selfish, as it means you are only thinking of yourself, and so she was very insistent that I look adults in the eye and shake their hands, and carry on conversations with guests at dinner and at parties — no excuses.

On the other hand, what is your main motivation..?

How to Increase Entrepreneurial Determination to Succeed

As Richard Branson notes,  it is important to understand what your main motivation is so that you can focus your efforts on reaching those goals. Then structure your job – perhaps by delegating some work – so that you can spend as much time as possible turning this energy to your company’s advantage. These days, one of my goals is to keep challenging myself. I see life as one long university education, in place of the one I never had — every day I learn something new. And perhaps I didn’t miss out, since there’s only so much you can learn sitting in a lecture hall. I’ve found that I often learn a great deal from the people I meet, and some of them have inspired me. Meeting Mick Jagger and Steve Jobs had a big impact on me. They accomplished so much in their respective fields that spending time with them made me think about what I might do in mine. Afterward, I was more motivated than ever to do the best possible job in my own business.

Finally, it is becoming clear that doing business in difficult times is challenging not only for the entrepreneur but also for economies in local and international scale. But, first everyone must have entrepreneurial determination

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