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Eurofighter Advanced 1

(IPA 8) Aircraft: World’s Most Advanced Eurofighter..!

The (IPA 8), is the world’s most advanced Eurofighter, as the referred test aircraft has achieved a new fuselage construction milestone: Cassidian Produces the World’s Most Advanced Eurofighter … The  IPA 8 (Instrumented Production [...]
Boeing 787 Dreamliner Certification Flight 1

Boeing 787: A Certification Test-Flight Scheduled For Today..?

A Boeing 787 Dreamliner certification test flight is expected for today, according to a U.S. governmental official: Boeing may do 787 certification flight on Friday: source … Boeing Co may carry out a certification test flight of its [...]
A350 XWB Engines 3

A350 XWB: Engines + APU + Wing Components = Applied Innovation..!

  Airbus is moving forward with the operational construction of the first test-flight A350 XWB by installing two engines and the auxiliary power unit (APU): Airbus installs Rolls-Royce Trent XWB engines and Honeywell APU on A350 XWB MSN001 Airbus [...]
787 Dreamliner Compensations 1

787 Dreamliner: Boeing Prepares For Test Flights And Faces Compensation Demands…

The 787 battery problem is probably moving toward its solution, as Boeing seems to plan two flight tests for the aircraft’s battery system, as soon as the end of the week. The company doesn’t confirm the information, as the practical [...]
Airbus A320 Lion 1

Airbus And Boeing Give A Positive Sign Of Global Economic Recovery..!

In times of economic crisis it is very important for Airbus and Boeing to earn a new customer, as the competition in global aviation industry intensifies: Lion Air orders 234 Airbus A320 Family aircraft – Aviation Tribune Indonesia’s [...]
Boeing 737 Next Generation 1

Boeing 737 NG: Production Of 38 Aircraft Per Month, As 787 Battery Testing Continues…

As Boeing wants to overcome the 787 battery problems it releases a 737 Next-Generation aircraft, the first, that it was produced at an increased production rate of 38 airplanes per month: Boeing Rolls Out First Next-Generation 737 at Higher [...]
787 Dreamliner, Initial Battery Testing 1

787 Dreamliner: Open Questions About Initial Battery Testing…

Boeing moves forward by putting 787 Dreamliner battery system through extensive testing aiming to increase its practical viability and safety standards during flights. But a central question about testing during its actual development is still [...]
Boeing 787 Battery Improvements 1

Boeing 787: New Battery Safety Features To Be Ready In The Next Weeks…

The Boeing 787 battery problem enters a new phase after the company’s announcement about the safety improvements on the aircraft’s battery system: Boeing Provides Details on 787 Battery Improvements – The Herald | Boeing [...]
787 Battery Problem 1

787 Battery Problem: Boeing Moves Forward With Testing…

The 787 battery problem is entering in a new phase of investigation, after the FAA gave its approval to Boeing’s plan for testing the improvements on the aircraft’s battery system: Boeing Receives FAA Approval of Certification Plan [...]
Boeing 787 Dreamliner NTSB 1

Boeing 787 Dreamliner: Regulators’ Investigation Is Becoming Complicated…

The NTSB is fully investigating the Boeing 787 Dreamliner battery problems by focusing its efforts on the entire process from design and testing by the FAA: NTSB still seeking root cause of Boeing 787 fire – Reuters A safety regulator [...]
787 Dreamliner Factual Report 1

Boeing 787 Dreamliner: NTSB To Issue “Interim Factual Report” Today…

The Boeing 787 Dreamliner’s battery problems are still monopolizing the technical and commercial interests of the international aviation community, as  NTSB today is expected to issue an “interim factual report” focused on [...]
A350XWB Ground Testing 1

A350 XWB: Moving Forward For The First Flight In Summer..!

As competition in the global aircraft industry intensifies, A350 XWB is ready to start the next phase of its ground testing program: First A350 XWB with wings complete emerges for outdoor testing … The first A350 XWB – MSN001 – now [...]
FAA 787 Dreamliner 1

787 Dreamliner: FAA Is Waiting Practical Results From Boeing’s Proposal…

The FAA regulators said that they want to see results on Boeing’s 787 battery tests before giving “green light” for the Dreamliner aircraft fleet to resume flights: FAA Is Not Ready to Approve 787 Test Flights – New York [...]
Boeing 777 Korean Freighter 1

Boeing 777: Increased Production + Delivery..!

Boeing delivered its first ever increased production rate Boeing 777 to Korean Air. The current rate of production is 8.3 aircraft per month. This is good news for the global aircraft producer as it is trying to overcome the crisis situation [...]
F-35 Exports Complication 1

F-35 Program: Possible Complications To The JSF’s Export Efforts…

The jets grounding of F-35 Program is estimated that will complicate the effort to export the JSF to other countries. Australia is the first of them: Grounding, budget woes cloud F-35 Program warplane sales push in Australia – Reuters This [...]
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