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Air Traffic Controllers 1

Revolutionary Software For Air Traffic Controllers..!

NASA Transfers NextGen Software Tool to the FAA August 14– In the latest example of NASA and the FAA working together to enhance safety and efficiency in the nation’s airspace, NASA has handed off to the FAA a new, NextGen software [...]
Airbus A380 China 1

How Is China’s Support To Airbus Changes Dynamics In Aviation Industry..?

China’s decision to move forward with Airbus aircraft orders proves the current dynamics in the global aviation market with emphasis on the interconnection of different political, diplomatic and financial interests: Exclusive – Airbus [...]
Aviation Biofuel 1

Aviation Biofuel Testing: Discover The ACCESS Research Project + Global Cooperation Efforts..!

NASA’s decision to study the effects of aviation biofuel on engine performance is giving a new boost to the scientific efforts of developing new and effective alternative fuels for use in the aviation industry. The testing can help international [...]
A380 2

Fly Your Ideas 2013..!

Fly Your Ideas 2013: More Than 6,000 Student Registrations… More than 6,000 students of over 100 nationalities registered for Fly Your Ideas 2013, the global university contest organized by the leading aircraft manufacturer Airbus. Teams [...]
Latin America Civil Aviation Market 1

Future Robust Aircraft Demand Till 2031! Case Study: Latin America…

Latin America: 2,120 New Aircraft Till 2031… According to the recently released Airbus Global Market Forecast (GMF), Latin American airlines will require 2,120 new airplanes between today and 2031, including 1,660 single-aisle, 420 twin-aisle [...]
A380 1 Brazil

Do You Know The World’s Fourth Largest Passenger Traffic Market..? It Is Brazil!

Brazil Is Going To Need 1,060 New Aircraft… According to the latest Airbus Global Market Forecast (GMF), Brazilian airline carriers will need 1,060 new aircraft between 2012 and 2031. The 700 single-aisle, 310 twin-aisle and 50 very large [...]
Titanium Aluminide 1 Fuel Saving

Titanium Aluminide: Jet Turbine Blades Would Save Fuel By Using Hypergravity..!

Researching Hypergravity… ESA research has helped to develop an aircraft-grade alloy that is twice as light as conventional nickel superalloys while offering equally good properties. The path to creating this alloy required research under [...]
787 Low speed taxi test

Financial Stability Is Going To Be A Key Indicator For The Delivery Of New Airplanes To North America Till 2031..!

7,290 New Airplanes Over The Next 20 Years… Boeing forecasts that air carriers in North America will take delivery of 7,290 new airplanes over the next 20 years at a market value of $820 billion. Taking retirements of aircraft into account, [...]
747-8I EnginesK65269

How Does Boeing Advance Its Suite Of Connectivity Offerings On Its Family Of Commercial Jetliners..?

Google+ Connectivity Systems… / Boeing Boeing continues to advance its suite of connectivity offerings on its family of commercial jetliners. Systems to be installed during production on the 747-8 and 777 by the end of 2013 have the capability [...]

How Are Mega Cities Driving The Global Air Traffic Growth Till 2031..?

Airbus: Demand Spurs Need For Over 28,000 Aircraft In The Next 20 Years… Airbus’ latest Global Market Forecast (GMF) identifies a need for some 28,200 passenger and freighter aircraft (of 100 seats or more) between 2012 and 2031 worth [...]
787 SimulatorTraining

Why Does The Asia Pacific Region Lead The Demand For Hundreds Of Thousands Of New Commercial Airline Pilots Over 2032..?

Thousands Of New Commercial Airline Pilots… Boeing predicts the Asia Pacific region will require hundreds of thousands of new commercial airline pilots and maintenance technicians over the next 20 years to support airline fleet modernization [...]
CO2 Standard 1

How Are Major Airplane Manufacturers Meeting The Challenge To Produce More Efficient CO2 Aircraft..?

The CO2 Standard… Airbus has welcomed the International Civil Aviation Organization’s (ICAO) first major milestone in the development of a CO2 emissions standard for civil aviation. Once fully established in 2013, the CO2 Standard will [...]

Global Economy Expansion Till 2032: An Unprecedented Demand For Pilots And Technicians..!

Boeing: 2012 Pilot And Technician Outlook… Boeing projects the world will face an unprecedented demand for airline pilots and maintenance technicians over the next 20 years as global economies expand and airlines take delivery of tens of [...]
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