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Negotiation, Negotiations,

Are you Sincere or Play Tricks During Negotiations..?

Difficult Times. Numbers seem to count more! Look at the Eurozone…. You have to negotiate. People are desperate by the numbers. They have no vision or a hope for their future… They usually tend to be tricky for securing their interests. Can [...]
Richard Branson

Richard Branson: Why Is Corporate Social Responsibility A True Business Challenge..?

Richard Branson offers valuable advice on corporate social responsibility, during this period of difficult economic times. It is clear that businesses do not only sell services or goods but also can have a serious social role inside society [...]

Global Growth: Airbus Predicts That Brazil Will Need 1,324 Aircraft by 2032..!

Airbus estimates that Brazil is going to need more than 1,300 new civil aviation aircraft by 2032 in its effort to cover the country’s increased domestic and international air travel requirements. The estimation proves the leading of the [...]
Richard Branson

Richard Branson: Giving Up..?

Richard Branson is offering valuable advice on the moment for deciding that your business idea or effort is dead. It is for sure a real difficult moment but all of us have to be prepared for facing this difficult situation: Richard Branson [...]

ΙΣΧΥΡΗ Διαπραγμάτευση => Παραγωγή Επιχειρηματικής Αξίας..!

                                            ΙΣΧΥΡΗ ΔΙΑΠΡΑΓΜΑΤΕΥΣΗ => Παραγωγή Επιχειρηματικής Αξίας! Κατηγορία: Marketing – Πωλήσεις – Διαπραγματεύσεις Εισηγητής: Χατζής [...]
Richard Branson on Business Advice 1

Richard Branson: Advice + Strong Decision + Problem Solving => Successful Start-Ups..!

Richard Branson on giving advice for starting a new business, pays attention to effective problem-solving all over the challenging effort. As the new economy challenges as to (business) move forward, Branson’s advice is invaluable encouraging: Richard [...]

Transformation Of Innovation => Economic Growth..?

Innovation at many different levels of science, society and economy turns to be the key factor for transforming national and regional economies. The main question is how can we interpret innovation more effectively, and then, how can we use [...]
Richard Branson

Richard Branson: Why Is Vacation Time For Pen And Paper..?

Richard Branson supports the idea that vacation summer time can be a real inspiring break for meeting new people, exchange ideas and design new viable plans of innovative action: Richard Branson on How to Take an Inspiration Vacation – [...]
Richard Branson, Start Ups

Richard Branson: Decision + Proper Action => Business Start-Ups..!

Richard Branson reveals the role of location to business start-ups but also sets a creative space of options open, for (always) utilizing innovative approaches on solving problems, which are also (always) expected: How Richard Branson Decides [...]
Richard Branson, Passionate 1

Richard Branson: Do Not Look Back… As You Become An Entrepreneur!

 Richard Branson offers valuable advice on start-ups of business by arguing that you never have to look back, even if you decide to leave your college studies and to follow your business intuition… Richard Branson on Taking the Leap Into [...]
Richard Branson Failure and Success 1

Richard Branson: Why Is Failure A (Fearful) Step To Success..?

Richard Branson offers valuable advice on what makes a successful entrepreneur with a given emphasis on innovation achievements:  I recently hosted the annual Sunday Times Fast Track 100 event at my Oxfordshire home. It brings together leaders from [...]
Richard Branson Virgin Galactic 24.5

Richard Branson: Inspiration + Brainstorming + Reputation = Success..!

Richard Branson gives some valuable advice on making the impossible, possible, with a given emphasis on moving forward: Entrepreneur: Richard Branson on How to Stay Inspired | i360 (The … Q: What daily activities do you find inspiring [...]
Richard Branson Volunteering 1

Richard Branson: Volunteering..?

Richard Branson offers valuable advice on choosing the perfect time for organizing charity sporting events which are supported by your company aiming at boosting your brand’s social character, and also offering to people or organizations: Richard [...]
Entrepreneurial Determination 1

Why Is Entrepreneurial Determination Important..?

 Entrepreneurial determination is the force which can drive your efforts to move forward in doing innovative business: Do You Have Entrepreneurial Determination..? | Interesting News … Richard Branson in a recent post has given valuable [...]
Fear in Business 1

Can You Dance With Your Fear..?

  Your fear of doing something (e.g. entering in a new business opportunity) may lead you to avoid it, but the feeling of fear is something different than the situation which it may caused by: Avoiding fear by indulging in our fear of fear Every [...]
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