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Cyprus Toxic Negotiations 1

Cyprus (12): Toxic And Difficult Negotiations With Confidence-Damaging Proposals…

As Cyprus continues to loose its capital controls, the Euro Zone Finance ministers are meeting in Dublin today, for discussing the central topic of Cyprus contribution to a 23bn euros rescue package: Cyprus bailout: Eurozone finance ministers [...]
Euro Crisis 1

Cyprus (11): Big Savers Pay The Bill, But Tourism Is Still Alive..!

Big savers in the Bank of Cyprus are going to lose around 60% of their deposits, as it made known today. This decision is to have a negative impact on foreign deposits in the island. On the other hand, Cypriots have stayed calm after banks reopened [...]
Cyprus Crisis (10)

Cyprus (10): The Day Of The Banks Today..!

Banks in Cyprus are to open today at noon, for six hours, with tight controls on money transactions  in an effort to prevent the cleaning out of foreign deposits: Cyprus reopens banks, under strict restrictions – Reuters UK Cypriots are [...]
Cyprus apple 1

Cyprus (9): Apple’s Silicon Valley In S/E Mediterranean..?

As banks in Cyprus are to remain closed today and the island’s  Central Banker declares that he is not going to resign, it is becoming clear that the March 25th bailout deal with the EU,  was mainly a financial and political compromise [...]
Euros 1

Cyprus (8): Bank Restructuring + Competitiveness + Energy Geopolitics = New Financial Model.

Banks in Cyprus is to remain closed until Thursday in an effort of the Central Bank on the island to control an expected withdraw of foreign deposits after Nicosia accepted the troika’s rescue plan: Cyprus banks remain closed to avert [...]
Cyprus Flag 1

Cyprus (7): Why The “Lamb” Didn’t Become A “Lion..?”

Cyprus has accepted the Popular Bank sacrifice for rescuing the rest of its banking system by concluding a last-moment deal with its international lenders: Cyprus Reaches Bailout Deal With International Lenders – Huffington Post Cyprus [...]
Cyprus 2nd Critical Weekend 1

Cyprus (5): The Second Bailout Weekend…

This weekend, is another critical one for Cyprus, as the island returns to Eurogroup’s  demand for taxing big savers. The financial and geopolitical “element” in the situation this weekend is that Cyprus is completely alone [...]
Cyprus Euro Negotiations 1

Cyprus (4): Banking Finances + Energy + Regional Geopolitics = Solution

Cyprus is facing the most serious (multi-dimensional) crisis since the Turkish invasion in 1974, as Nicosia is working for preparing its plan B, but troika seems to reject it. On the other hand Cyprus holds low profile about the discussion in [...]
Cyprus Flag 1

Cyprus (3): Germany’s First Mediterranean Battle Of Waterloo..!

Cyprus parliamentary vote on rejecting the bank deposits levy, gives a new political, diplomatic and financial dimension to the euro crisis, as democracy counts more than money and numbers. Brussels and Berlin have already feared that crisis [...]
Cyprus Bailout 2

Cyprus (2): Protecting Small Bank Accounts Or Destroying Financial Relations With Russia..?

Although the parliament dynamics in Cyprus are very sensitive, the government in Nicosia hopes to pass a bank tax on deposits, as the Euro Zone officials seem to soften their initial hard position on the issue: Cyprus heads for cliffhanger [...]
Cyprus Bailout 1

Cyprus: The Tragic Realities Of The Bailout Weekend In Euro Zone’s Economic War…

Government and politicians in Cyprus are trying to earn valuable time for re-assessing the situation and properly reacting to Euro Zone’s (Germany’s) ultimatum of imposing a bank tax or follow a disastrous default by allowing the [...]
Euro Crisis 51

Euro Crisis 51: Is Cyprus The New “Fiscal Hamster” Of The Eurozone..?

 As the European Southern countries continue to live with the tragical consequences of the euro crisis, Cyprus is becoming the new field of fiscal experiment by Brussels. The regional and international fiscal consequneces can be really unpredictable: Stingy [...]
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