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Mario Draghi

Mario Draghi: Banks, Banks, Banks..?

Mario Draghi has second thoughts about the German proposal concluding to a unified banking system in the Euro Zone. The decision-making process is an important issue, but the main question remains: The EU of numbers or the EU of people: Mario Draghi [...]
Enrico Letta 1

Italy’s Letta Wants Economic Growth, As Merkel Insists On Strict Austerity…

As Italy’s new prime minister Enrico Letta seems to support the immediate implementation of economic growth policies in the euro zone, Chancellor Merkel in Berlin insists that economic growth and fiscal consolidation can go together. [...]
Cyprus Euro Negotiations 1

Cyprus (4): Banking Finances + Energy + Regional Geopolitics = Solution

Cyprus is facing the most serious (multi-dimensional) crisis since the Turkish invasion in 1974, as Nicosia is working for preparing its plan B, but troika seems to reject it. On the other hand Cyprus holds low profile about the discussion in [...]
Cyprus Bailout 2

Cyprus (2): Protecting Small Bank Accounts Or Destroying Financial Relations With Russia..?

Although the parliament dynamics in Cyprus are very sensitive, the government in Nicosia hopes to pass a bank tax on deposits, as the Euro Zone officials seem to soften their initial hard position on the issue: Cyprus heads for cliffhanger [...]
Cyprus Bailout 1

Cyprus: The Tragic Realities Of The Bailout Weekend In Euro Zone’s Economic War…

Government and politicians in Cyprus are trying to earn valuable time for re-assessing the situation and properly reacting to Euro Zone’s (Germany’s) ultimatum of imposing a bank tax or follow a disastrous default by allowing the [...]
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