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North Korea, John Kerry 1

North Korea (7): Is April 15, A Nuclear “D-Day” For Pyongyang..?

As North Korea continues to escalate its war rhetoric, Washington attempts to put emphasis on the regional implications of a possible open conflict with Pyongyang. The US Secretary of State John Kerry carries this message to Beijing today, in [...]
North Korea, Global Hawk 1

North Korea (6): Credible Missile-Threat Diplomacy..?

As the war tension with North Korea escalates further the U.S. officials decided to keep radar surveillance capabilities at current levels, despite prior decisions for radar cuts: US Reverses Air Force Radar Cuts Amid North Korea Tensions – [...]
Israel John Kerry 1

Israel -Turkey: Protecting The U.S. Interests In the Broader Middle East..?

The U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry arrived in Israel, just after his visit in Turkey aiming to persuade both country leaderships to fully restoring their bilateral relations. Washington wants to have an improved status of regional coordination [...]
North Korea Strategic Coercion Next Level 1

North Korea (5): Moving To The Next Stage Of Bilateral Strategic Coercion…

North Korea has called on its responsibilities from the Vienna convention to protect diplomatic missions in the country.  Pyongyang has asked foreign governments to make final decisions on moving diplomatic staff out of its territory as the [...]
Carbon Emissions Materials 1

Carbon-Emissions: A Question Of Limited Energy-Efficient Manufacturing..?

MIT researchers discuss a limited availability of options on Carbon-Emissions, especially in the field of global manufacturing sector, due to streamlined processes already applied in the production of different materials: Living in a material [...]
North Korea THAAD 1

North Korea (4): Strategic Coercion + War Rhetoric = Credible Nuclear Threat..?

Washington evaluates North Korea as a credible nuclear war threat against the U.S. interests in the broader Pacific region, as Pyongyang has increased its war rhetoric for a possible nuclear attack in the continental United States: US to send [...]
Human Brain 1

The Human Brain: Dynamic Functions + Operational Neuroscience = Tactical Warfighter Advantage..!

Reaching a better understanding of the human brain, is a major scientific challenge with the aim to achieve multi-dimensional breakthrough applications from information processing to the treatment of many brain diseases: 2013/04/02 Better Understanding [...]
North Korea, USS McCain 1

North Korea (3): South Korea Increases Its Anti-Ballistic Options…

Washington takes seriously the nuclear war threats made by North Korea, and deploys the USS McCain off the Korean peninsula southwestern coast. The ship, is an Aegis-class guided-missile destroyer, and its deployment in the area, increases [...]
South Korea F-22 1b

North Korea (2): The U.S. Attempts Strategic Coercion By Sending F-22 Jets…

As war tension with North Korea escalates further, the U.S. in a serious attempt of strategic coercion against Pyongyang, sent F-22 stealth fighter jets to South Korea for providing air superiority support to the ongoing bilateral military exercises: US [...]
Euro Crisis 1

Cyprus (11): Big Savers Pay The Bill, But Tourism Is Still Alive..!

Big savers in the Bank of Cyprus are going to lose around 60% of their deposits, as it made known today. This decision is to have a negative impact on foreign deposits in the island. On the other hand, Cypriots have stayed calm after banks reopened [...]
BRICS Summit Durban 2

BRICS (2): Land-Grabbing New Colonialists Or Drivers Of Africa’s Growth..?

BRICS member-states concluded their summit in Africa with a given emphasis on agricultural policies. The main challenge for BRICS at this point, is to unblock Africa’s agricultural potential as modern investors and not old-fashioned colonialists: What [...]
Cyprus Crisis (10)

Cyprus (10): The Day Of The Banks Today..!

Banks in Cyprus are to open today at noon, for six hours, with tight controls on money transactions  in an effort to prevent the cleaning out of foreign deposits: Cyprus reopens banks, under strict restrictions – Reuters UK Cypriots are [...]
Boeing 787 Dreamliner Long Distance 1

Boeing 787: A Question Of Long-Distance Flights..?

The possibility of a temporary ban on some of Boeing 787 Dreamliner’s long-distance oceanic flights could be another serious blow for the commercial promotion of the aircraft, as its global fleet is still grounded due to its battery incidents: Boeing [...]
Cyprus apple 1

Cyprus (9): Apple’s Silicon Valley In S/E Mediterranean..?

As banks in Cyprus are to remain closed today and the island’s  Central Banker declares that he is not going to resign, it is becoming clear that the March 25th bailout deal with the EU,  was mainly a financial and political compromise [...]
Euros 1

Cyprus (8): Bank Restructuring + Competitiveness + Energy Geopolitics = New Financial Model.

Banks in Cyprus is to remain closed until Thursday in an effort of the Central Bank on the island to control an expected withdraw of foreign deposits after Nicosia accepted the troika’s rescue plan: Cyprus banks remain closed to avert [...]
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