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Richard Branson Volunteering 1

Richard Branson: Volunteering..?

Richard Branson offers valuable advice on choosing the perfect time for organizing charity sporting events which are supported by your company aiming at boosting your brand’s social character, and also offering to people or organizations: Richard [...]
Entrepreneurial Determination 1

Why Is Entrepreneurial Determination Important..?

 Entrepreneurial determination is the force which can drive your efforts to move forward in doing innovative business: Do You Have Entrepreneurial Determination..? | Interesting News … Richard Branson in a recent post has given valuable [...]
Virgin Galactic 1 SS2

Virgin Galactic Has Entered The Final Stage Of Space Vehicle Testing..!

Virgin Galactic has entered the final stage of space vehicle testing, prior to commercial service, after the Spaceship Two has its successful flight test: Virgin Galactic’s SpaceShipTwo takes one giant leap towards space tourism – [...]
Criticism, Richard Branson 1

Criticism In Life Or Business: Is It Your Failure..?

Yes! You can use criticism as your true motivation force for moving forward and overcoming obstacles. Accepting valid criticism is one of the secrets: HOW TO MAKE CRITICISM DRIVE YOU by Nadia Goodman | read … When Richard Branson founded [...]
Richard Branson Employee Training 1

Richard Branson: Training Employees + Continuous Learning = Success..!

Richard Branson gives crucial importance to continuous learning for doing business successfully. Your employees also have an important role to it: ** Richard Branson on How to Train Your Employees [ Entrepreneur … When a company is small [...]
Richard Branson Creative Thinking 1

Richard Branson On Creative Thinking And Doing Business..!

Creative thinking involves you and the people around you when you are trying to build your business. Richard Branson gives importance on the ideas and discussions of innovative thinkers: Richard Branson on the Importance of Creative Thinking [...]
Business Design Richard Branson 1

Business Design + Innovation = Great Customer Experience

Proper business design is essential for setting the stage for a great customer experience in every business. Richard Branson gives valuable advice: ** Richard Branson on the Importance of  Business Design [ ] No matter what [...]
Richard Branson Smile 1

Richard Branson: Just A Smile Can Be A Successful Business Investment..!

Smile: Personal Life And Business… When you meet somebody new, the natural thing to do is smile. When you hear good news, your likely reaction is to grin. After you’ve suffered a misfortune, you know you’re on the way to recovery [...]
Richard Branson Brainstorming 1

Richard Branson On How Can You Harness Your Staff’s Collective Knowledge: Challenge Them With Innovative Brainstorming!

Q: Are there any techniques that could help me brainstorm? — Kai Prout Brainstorming: Flying A Hot Air Baloon..! A: When I took part in attempts to set speed records for hot air ballooning across the oceans in the ’80s and ’90s, [...]
Richard Branson Competition 1

Business: Competitors’ Mistakes + Your Ideas = Innovative Products + Services => Less Competition..!

Richard Branson On Business: Keeping A Close Eye On Your Competition… Q: How or what do you do to learn from your competitors? – Lloyd Morrison, Entrepreneur Magazine reader A: No matter what business you are in, you always have to [...]
Richard Branson Inspiration 3

Richard Branson On Business Start Ups: Is It The Clock Against You..?

Are There A Million Things To Do In Your Business Startup..? For an entrepreneur launching a startup, it always feels like there are a million things to do and the clock is against you. It is easy to neglect your health and your family as you [...]
Richard Branson Encouraging Employees 1

Business: Are You Afraid To Encourage Your Employees..?

Richard Branson: Keeping Employees Engaged In Your Business… Once your company is well established, keeping your employees engaged in their work can be tough, especially those who took the job because they were intrigued by the excitement [...]
Richard Branson On Building Trust 1

The Challenge Of Building Trust When You Do Not Have A Recognized Business Brand..!

Richard Branson Οn Building Trust… Q: How do I win the trust of investors, future partners and suppliers? Building Trust: Customers Must Have Faith In Your Product… A: There are few things more important in business than trust. After [...]
Richard Branson Inspiration 3

Is It Good For Businesspeople To Look To Others For Ideas..?

Businesspeople Can Be A Real Inspiration For You… When trying to make your way in the world as an emerging entrepreneur, don’t think of yourself as the next Bill Gates — or even the next Richard Branson. Be true to yourself and [...]
Richard Branson Virgin Money 1

How Can Business Leaders Be Influential Philanthropists..? Case Study:Richard Branson

Richard Branson On Why Volunteer Work Is Important for Business Leaders… Q: You are spending a lot of time on your philanthropic ventures and volunteer work. Does this take time away from your job of steering the Virgin Group? Or does it [...]
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