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Vladimir Putin Is The “Good Guy” In The East, And… The “Bad Guy” In Crimea..!

Russian President Vladimir Putin by his latest visit to Crimea, sent a special message to the West, pointing emphasis on the fact that Crimea belongs in Russia. On the other hand, as the situation in the Eastern part of Ukraine bloody deteriorates, [...]

Ukraine: The West Examines Further Sanctions… As Russia Turns to China..!

As the social unrest crisis in Ukraine escalates by increasingly inflaming civil war in the Eastern part of the country, the West considers further sanctions against Russia. On the other hand, the Kremlin evaluates its multidimensional frame [...]
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Ukraine In Crisis: Crimea Has An Exclusive Economic Zone..!

Ukraine enters almost a month into crisis with unpredictable consequences  for its social and political stability, sensitive regional balances and international politics. The conflict of local power and control in Crimea becomes bloody: (Photo [...]

Ukraine => (Merkel’s + Obama’s) West Against (Putin’s) East..?

As the war crisis in Ukraine (pointed at Crimea) enters its 3rd week of tensions it is becoming clear that we are experiencing the first post-Soviet Cold War confrontation between the (Merkel’s + Obama’s) West and (Putin’s) [...]
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Ukraine in Crisis: Who Has The Final Word..?

By thinking of Ukraine, the U.S. President Barack Obama warned the Russian President Putin on possible “costs” by a Russian military intervention in Crimea. By the tone of diplomatic language used, it is more than clear, that we [...]

Ukraine: A Decision Between “Fuck the EU…” And The “Soviet Realities” Of The Past..!

The latest news from the Independence Square, in Ukraine has made clear that the protesters have a clear problem of “human-political trust” with the President Viktor Yanukovych, despite the deal signed yesterday, under international [...]
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Current Geopolitics: What Is NATO Doing In Ukraine Right Now..? Case Study: Euro 2012 Football Championship…

  NATO-Sponsored Project Helps Ukraine Destroy Dangerous Stocks Of Munitions… Stocks of unused and obsolete munitions pose a serious problem for many countries. Untended depots can be dangerous. In Ukraine, several unplanned explosions [...]
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