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The Hellenic Air Force: 24-Hour Readiness Over The Aegean..!

Hellenic Air Force: Mission…

  • HAF’s mission is the organization, manning, air armament and training of personnel, with the purpose of developing an air power, capable of contributing to the “DISSUASION”, to conduct intensive and prolonged air operations for the obtainment and keeping up of air superiority, to secure the air defense of the country, to provide air protection and support for the operations of the other branches of Armed Forces.
  • Beyond the above mission and during the peacetime, HAF also conducts public service operations with the purpose of supporting the civil sector in the confrontment of special conditions.
F-16 Block 52+ HAF 1

Hellenic Air Force: First Steps…

  • The admirable weapon of the skies, the Hellenic Air Force, with its dynamic present and brilliant future, has a glorious history to display, full of continuous struggles for the country’s independence and freedom.
  • In 1911 the Hellenic Government assigned the establishment of an Air Service to French experts. As a result six officers were posted to France in order to be trained as pilots, while the first military aircraft were ordered from the French firm Maurice and Henry Farman.
  • On February 8, 1912 the first flight in Greece was performed by the aviator Emmanuel Argyropoulos with a 50-hp Nieuport. The same day, Argyropoulos carried out a second flight with the then prime minister Eleftherios Venizelos on board.
  • On May 13, 1912 1st lieutenant Dimitrios Kamberos flew the first military Henry Farman aircraft, and later participated in Army manoeuvres.In June of the same year while the establishment of a Naval Air Service was being examined, Kamperos, having converted the first Henry Farman «Daedalus» into a hydroplane flew at an average speed of 110Km per hour thus achieving a new world record.At the same time another pioneer, Alexandros Karamanlakis, conducting a flight from Phaleron to Patras with a 50-hp Bleriot aircraft performed an unsuccessful ditching in the Corithian Gulf and met his death, thus opening the pantheon of the sacrifices of the Hellenic epopee in the skies.
  • In late September 1912, the «Aviators Company» consisting of four officers pilots, was set up in Larissa. The first combat air unit was a reality.

Hellenic Air Force: 21st Century…

  • Today, modern fighters Mirage 2000 and F-16 constitute the HAF spear head. All other legendary assets continue to offer their services.
  • At the dawn of the 21st century modernization efforts are still made intensively. The Phantom upgrade project is in the pipeline. Recently, it has been decided to proceed to the acquisition of long and short range air defense missile systems, namely Patriot and Crotale, which will contribute to the national air space to the maximum level possible.
F-16 Block 52+ HAF 2
  • The new Raytheon T-6A Texan II training aircraft will change, radically, the nature of the initial and basic training the pilots, effectively preparing them for the fourth generation fighters.
  • Decisions are waited soon on the acquisition of new multi role fighters, including the most recent technological innovations, of an early warning air-borne system as well as of a new transport aircraft.
  • All the aforementioned render the Hellenic Air Force a reliable deterring power, absolutely modern and capable of meeting the challenges of the new century.
F-16 Block 52+ HAF 3
  • The Hellenic Air Force with its 24-hour readiness and the Greek aviators with their high morale constitute today the impervious shield of our skies and protect the national air space effective.

Hellenic Air Force

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